I am a graphic designer and illustrator, based between London and Hastings, with years of experience creating brands, packaging, 360 campaigns, digital and social work (plus motion graphics, clothing, editorial etc etc etc). Here is the timeline of my life so far:

1988. I was born in Hemel Hempstead, in the middle of a snow storm. Lucky by Kylie Minogue was No.1.

1988 - 1994. I spent most of my time making a mess, mainly with rice or paint.

2000. I wanted to become an archaeologist, specialising in ancient art.

2001. The headmaster hung my drawing of a shoe in his office.

2002. My 14-year-old boyfriend pretended to be my Dad in giving parental consent for my belly button piercing.

2005. I wanted to become a graphic designer, specialising in modern illustration.

2006. I worked as a graphic designer for a year before Uni, pretending to know what CMYK and PPI meant.

2007-2010. I studied graphic design at Leeds University.

2011- late 2015. I worked as a conceptual art director in advertising at iris worldwide, M&C Saatchi & ODD London.

Late 2015. I went back to study graphic design at Shillington College.

2016. I worked as a freelance graphic designer/art director in both agency & in-house roles.

2016 - current. I'm a creative designer at Innocent Drinks, creating exciting packaging, advertising, branding and loaaads of other pretty things every day. My favourite current project is the innocent Mindfulness initiative, which I started up. It’s a company-wide initiative, which has been a great success and been a great source of creativity and inspiration for me.

Contact me on 07815525051 or email claireblandy@gmail.com if you have any upcoming projects.